Parse Domain or Email API - Extract Subdomains!

We just published our own API :boom:

Easy method to retrieve email hostnames or subdomain values!

Parse Domain or Email
Easy method to parse Domains, hostnames and emails

Tuned for performance
Handles both URLs and hostnames
Full Unicode/IDNA support
Support parsing email addresses
Detect IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
Continuously updated version of the public suffix list
Small bundles and small memory footprint
Battle tested: full test coverage and production use


Available Plans:

Hobby ~ 1,000 /month API Requests $9/month
Starter ~ 3,000 /month API Requests $29/month
Business ~ 5,000 /month API Requests $59/month
Pro ~ 15,000 /month API Requests $99/month
Enterprise ~ Talk to us

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Random update, just another use-case. Use this API to extract subdomains in order to display the right data for your users. ALIAS RECORDS for your subdomains can be added within your own hosting registration panel. Just point your domain to Bubble and add your subdomains to the same hostname.

Screenshot - 2021-01-01T224642.014