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[Partial Solution] How to tell when Bubble DB is finished writing data?


I have lots of data in certain tables. I do data transformations using various Bubble functions. The workflow starts, and the app starts writing/transforming data in the Bubble DB. On the Bubble DB page (in the editor), a blue line appears showing the DB/app is ‘thinking’.

It never stops. The only time it stops is if I refresh it.

I’ve waited hours for it to stop.

First, is this a bug?

Second, the problem with this is that I can’t ever tell if the DB is finished writing/transforming data, and I don’t know if I’m interrupting it. There are too many lines of data (thousands) to flip through the “Load 50 more items”, looking to see if the DB/transformation is completed.

Ideally Bubble would tell us when it was finished writing the data - just like Bubble does when we ‘Upload a CSV’. When we do that, a big progress box appears… and when it is finished it says “DONE”. No ambiguity!

Can we have something similar for when the DB is finished writing data?

Thank you,

Yes, if the blue line never ends, it’s a bug.


Ok, I’ll file a bug report.

Regardless, what do you think of the 'Done" functionality, above?


Hey @emmanuel just a related question on Workflows. What is the best way to monitor bulk WF, see when a scheduled WF is taking place, or the current process of an API end point.

I remember from my days when working with dynamics CRM a tab is exposed on the entity level that shows when a WF is scheduled and the progress of a running WF.

We don’t expose this yet, but you could store this in your DB.

So here is a potential solution.

Create a small RG on the admin page of your app (or whatever page you’re using to make changes to your DB - in my case I have an admin page or two, from where I can press buttons that do bulk data changes to my app data).

Search for the thing-type you’re changing/modifying.

Then, as a constraint on the search, do the following:

Put a text box in the cell that shows an item (Current Cell’s X) (use any data type, doesn’t matter, so long as it’s not empty).

Now, the only thing that will show are the items that have changed in the last 15 seconds. 15 seconds after the last item was modified, the RG will become empty. Since these RG’s are populated ‘live’ from the DB, you don’t even need to refresh the page.

This works like a charm BUT it is clunky to do for all the admin functions I need to do AND it is a bit inelegant.

I’d like to improve on this - use a button/shape that only shows up or changes color etc. when the thing is done. But the syntaxes are all different at various element levels and I couldn’t figure out how to get something more elegant than an RG to work.

Anyone have any ideas that build on the above?



In my csv download (which waits until a table is populated before showing a button) I used a condition on the button where the count of rows in the table >= the count of rows in the RG. You could modify that to be count of rows with modify date > current date ?

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