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Bubble behaving strange, Is there an issue with Bubble backend?


I am wondering whether there is a back-end issue with Bubble, this has been working perfectly until now and I have made NO CHANGES to this specific workflow which creates a Task thing and a Notification thing on a click of a button (simple stuff), BUT now it is only creating a Notification and NOT a Task. see below.

Can you provide a bit more details? What do you mean by it Doesn’t create the task?

2 tools for you to look at this:

  1. the step by step debugger to check to action is run
  2. the sever logs to see if the thing creation actually happened on the server.

Have you tried that?

not on a paid plan yet so I can’t check the server logs to see if an entry was created, but the step-by-step debugger shows that a Task thing was created with the details entered

A notification is created

I can see that a Notification and a Task (thing) is attached to the User

But I am only seeing 4 entries in the DB

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/7/7ce71ef191257279b6083edaef913076abdfebc5.png" width=“690” height=“125”

further to this…

I changed browsers to MS Edge and I can see the additional Task entries (which I cant see using Chrome)

The issue still remains that these are NOT showing in the Repeatin Group that is suppose to be displaying them (again, I have made no changes here)…

I have noticed that in the Search address within x kms/miles, it is showing [object Object] and when I click on that is blank.

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I actually noticed this yesterday on my application as well. Today it seems to be working better.

It seemed that there was a delay between creating a task and that task showing up in the right workflows. It had me going back through all my workflows to see what happened and then it just started working right. Strange.

Do you have any privacy rule set up on the Task type?

no Privacy settings on any…

as @Bradluffy said, I think there are massive delays from when a trigger to create a thing is execute to when it is actually written in the database which causing major issues as many of my other workflows rely on values written/updated in the DB.

Yes, a bit odd at the moment.

Had an error on an image, said I needed to fill out the source (which had been there for weeks). Reloaded the same image … gone.

Had another error on a search input, said it needed a type. Deleted and recreated, and gone.

Odd lag in sizing an input box.

Preview previewing the wrong page.

Message about DNS set up being wrong, when it had been working fine for an hour.


Is everything back to normal? Please let us know if not using the bug form

Is hard to pin down, but seems ok right now. Just seemed to be a lag between doing something … and the backend updating itself.

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Things seem to be back to normal for me as well.

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Hate to say this but suffered the same all day. i thought i was imagining it.

well it was working fine again for me earlier today but now its acting really weird again. repeating groups not updating, scrollable lists not scrolling, data not being filtered by constraints. not sure what happened but its acting super weird right now.

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Still the case? We pushed a fix earlier yesterday, should have fixed a lot.


I am still having issues with a simple text field update to a Thing, it is not saving the data to the database. It was working perfectly fine prior to these issues and have made no changes that WF.

Can you share a link?

I fixed my repeating groups but I had to delete them and recreate them for them to work as they were before.

Hi @emmanuel

just signed up to the Professional plan in the hope for some proper support on these issues which I am still seeing appear sporadically.

Some strange behaviour that I am seeing are:

  • Things taking along time to be created/removed/updated and written to the DB
  • Updating of single fields not working 100% of the time
  • WF AppData view not showing all the created records (Things)

is sending a direct support email the way to go from here?
is there phone support?


Email is best as it’s easier to follow up. One thing to note though is that the App Data tab is not supposed to be fully real-time right now (it’s on our list to fix it at some point), while run mode display of data should be more responsive. Have you tested in run mode?

Ah this explains the delay in some things showing up in app data. Could this also be affecting the display of data that is saved in one place, displaying in another quickly?