Participate, maybe, not participate

I would like to put some “participate, maybe, not participate” buttons in my event website. The thing is that the choice has to be kept in bubble’s mind.
I therefore thaught about

  • Creating new “list of user” fields in my event data type for participate, maybe and not participate and add users into each list each time they click
  • Create new state turned to yes eah time the user is in it
    I think that is quite complicated as I have to remove the user from the list each time they click on something else
    Do you have an other idea ?

Hi there, @eliottem… what you described is pretty straightforward functionality, and there are only so many ways to do it, with list fields being a perfectly reasonable way to go. Complicated or not, you have to add users to and remove them from the appropriate lists as they decide whether or not they are participating in an event. If you don’t want to go the list route, you could have a separate data type that stores a user’s association with and response (yes, no, or maybe) for a specific event, and you can update an existing thing in that data type if a user changes their mind about a particular event.

Anyway, like I said, what you are doing is pretty straightforward stuff, so it shouldn’t be all that complicated once you decide which way you want to go.