Retrieve participation status of a guest to an event (when several events exists)


I’m currently working on an event management app and I’m facing difficulties in displaying the accurate participation status (pending/confirmed/declined) that corresponds to the correct event (as Users can create multiple events, and a same guest could be invited to several events).

I currently have two tables: “Event” and “User/Guests.”

The “Event” table includes the following fields:

  • Event_Name
  • Event_Guests (list)

The “User/Guests” table includes the following fields:

  • User_Mail
  • User_Event (list)
  • User_Participation (list)

Should I add another table to establish the connection between users, events, and participation?

or do you know what would be the best solution to display the correct participation status?

Thanks for your help :raised_hands:

Yes you need another datatype Participation with fields for Event and Guest

That allows you to do searches for a specific guest and get all their events and vise versa

Very similar to this:

Thanks a lot for you help, that worked perfectly indeed !

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