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How will the per app costs work If I host my partner site on you?

I.e. I develop an app for a client but the client wants me to host and maintain the app under my account after development or if the app is developed under the client’s account?



The way the partner program works is that you build apps for people, and then they subscribe to the plan they need on Bubble themselves. The plan they pick depends on the number of workflows, whether they need SSL, etc.

On your part, it’s really up to you. You can charge a one time fee, or a monthly fee. We don’t interfere with this, the only thing we need is them to be on their own account. Once you’re done building, you invite them to their app through the collaboration section in the settings tab. You can keep the app on your account if they want to (so that you can maintain it), but it’s something you need to decide and talk about with your clients.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Thanks, makes sense.

Three more questions:

  1. What will the costing work if I create an app for myself under my account?
  2. To how many private apps will I be restricted?
  3. If my client does want me to keep the app on my account for some reason will I then be paying Bubble every month and then I charge my client? Obviously Bubble needs to make money.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

1/2) So you should have two accounts if you want to become a partner. One for you, and one as a partner. This is very important, and being a partner comes with some special things (for instance, no limit on private apps, since they are for other people).

  1. They should still pay their subscription like another user, and you can keep your app on your partner account.

Thanks Emmanuel.
It all makes sense. I’m happy with the answers.
My questions have been answered.