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Pass a list of users as parameter to api connection

Hi, im trying to create a backend workflow to run a task over a list of users, i need to know when the task as completed so i created an api connection to my own API, now i need to pass the users as a list, so i send a list of unique Id to my endpoint, but when a try to “do a search for” and retrieve the list of users, the filter over the uniqueID does not contains a function “is in” only “=” or “<>”. any ideas on how can i make this work?

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Could you share some screenshots?

I’ve got a hunch that the workflow variable for list of users is not set as a list.

Hey did you figure this out? I’m facing the exact same issue!

My problem is the same as the TS.
When searching for users by email, it only allows us to select “=”, i.e. a single User. There isn’t an option for “is in” which would allow us to search for a list of Users.

That is because you can’t have two users with the same e-mail…

You didn’t understand what I was asking.

The API Workflow is to be run on a LIST.

See the 2nd line “LIST to run on”.

I want this to be a LIST of Users whose email IS IN my list of texts.

No worries though - I think I’m starting to get a hunch. Probably I can do something using List::filter/advanced.

Just to clarify and help me to understand…

If you already have a list of the emails of the users you want to make changes, you already have THE LIST you need to run your workflow, don’t you? Why don’t use this list in your Schedule API Workflow?

And in your backend, just make a “Search for” to locate the user that you want to change, using the email…

It is not easier?

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When you say backend, are you talking about the database view?

It has the same problem. I’m not able to search for a LIST of all the users I want by email. I can only search for one email at a time, which is what I do not want.

No no…

You are trying to run a workflow on a list, don’t you?

Can you show us this workflow?

And other thing…
Where is this list of emails that you have?
Is it saved in your database?
How you organized it?

Thanks - you had the solution, but sorry I didn’t understand it at first.

Just in case this helps someone:

Essentially, instead of passing the User as a parameter (there are some roadblocks if you do that), I passed a Text containing the email, then in the API workflow, I looked up the User using this email.

Then I run the API workflow on a list of the emails.