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Pass thru data to pop-up box

I have a Repeating group, in that list of results i have an icon to schedule a time for that specific result that calendar icon brings up a pop-up that needs to auto fill some information. I need to pass the vehicle’s unique Id into the form some how.

I cant figure out how to make this happen. i may be over thinking this.


Set the Popup type to Vehicle. In the workflow for that icon, you already have “show popup”… add “Display data”

In the Display Data action, select the popup as the element and for data to display… “current cell’s vehicle”

Now you’ve sent the vehicle data to the popup and elements inside the popup (like the text you have there) can pull from the “Parent Group’s Vehicle”… the parent group being the popup that is acting as a data source. You can say “Parent Group’s Vehicle Year”, etc.


Thanks Gabby! Once again you’ve come to the rescue!!! that did the trick. I dont know if i should post a new topic for this but here’s one more question for the day :wink:

I’m using the calendar plugin. is there a way to make the events on the calendar a clickable object? I’d like to click on them to trigger a popup and show all the details of the event.


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Hero status Gabby! :grin:


So I believe I’m on the right path. but I’m getting results from all the entries in the DB. Not just the record I’ve clicked on.


This follows the same logic as the Vehicle popup from before. When event is clicked > show Appointment Details popup > display data > current event’s Appointment.

The text inside would display something like “parent group appointment’s customer name”

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right, thats what I have in here. but something is not limiting the information to that single record. here’s some screen shots.

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Add another action (display data) after show popup. Select the popup as the element and “current event’s appointment” as the data to display.

Make sure your popup’s type is set to appointment.

For the text element… get rid of that entire search expression. Now that your popup is acting as a data source for the appointment (because you sent data to it from the event click)… your expressions can use “parent group’s appointment [field]”… e.g. “Parent Group’s Appointment Customer’s Name”

If you want to share a link, I’ll be happy to set it up for you.

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Oh, Perfect that makes sense! I got it working as expected Thanks Gabby! :grin:

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There’s something else I’m not completely understanding here.
I click this button in a popup to link to the customers profile When I build this it continues to ask for Data to send. I’m already passing thru the data I need in the ID=xxxxxxxxxx but it seems it wants more. What should I be entering here?

These are two different ways of passing data. The “data to send” field is asking for a specific record in your database, which becomes required when you set the receiving page to a specific type. I’m going to assume a page called Customer Profile means that page is set to type User. So, you’d want to fill that out with “Parent Group’s Appointment’s Customer”

Once you’ve done that, everything on the page can pull from the “Current Page’s Customer” (very much like a popup acting as a data source for whatever type of thing you set… Vehicle, Appointment, etc.). /This would eliminate your need to use the URL parameter you have below, which is always an optional thing.

URL parameters give you the flexibility to pass multiple pieces of data to another page, or at least, a different type of data that isn’t the same type as the receiving page. You can also send non-database values like plain text, numbers, dates, custom state values, etc.

In sum, because your customer_profile page has a type set to it, you need to fill out the data to send. Send a customer entry (or user?). Or, you can use the URL parameter if you wish to handle all your identifying logic, but just remove the data type from the customer_profile page.

People send data to pages differently for various reasons. From what I’m gathering, I personally think it’ll be easier if you just keep your page type and send data via the “data to send” and not via the URL. Because once you’re on the customer_profile page, everything can just pull from “Current Page’s Customer [field]” as opposed to looking up a customer every time via the URL parameter - it might even slow your app down depending on how many elements you have performing that search over and over again.

Thanks Gabby, I’m still trying to figure out how to fix this error so i can push the application live. I’ve tried entering the data to send but it’s like a never ending question… Every time i select the option it continues to ask for more. the receiving page type is set to customers. the application works as expected when i click the button it directs me to that customers profile. but cant push to live with errors.


You need to send a customer record. Your customerID field is a text, which is not compatible. You want the entire Customer record that contains that ID (and name, etc.). Do you have a field under the Appointments type that is a type Customer? Like this…


  • Time (date)
  • Location (address)
  • Price (number)
  • Details (text)
  • Customer (Customer)

If so, the expression would read “Parent Group’s Appointment’s Customer”.

Or share a link so I can check out your data structure to identify the correct path.

how do i share a link? - total nubie question

Copy the URL in your address bar while you have your editor open and make sure it’s set to Public (Settings > General)

Thanks for the help Gabby!

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