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Passing a listing URL in the signup flow

Hi Folks

Just want to pick your brains here. Here is the scenario.

The user lands on the website, which has some listings and is not signed up or signed in. He/She still browses the listings and then likes on listing and then click the call to action button.

This takes the user to a signup page or sign-in page depending on the situation.

My question is how do I display the listing page that the user was browsing and finished the signup from, immediately after his/her signup is complete.

Thanks in advance.

I had this exact problem @zeb!

My solution was to create a pop-up signup page that would disappear after the signup leaving them on the page they were originally looking at. That way they could continue with the exact content without me trying to figure out what they were looking at.


Hey @zeb,

This is a fantastic case for URL parameters. In case you haven’t used those before, it’s essentially a bit of text that is appended to a URL which can be utilized or ignored. Since your flow passes a user to a separate signup page, you can use the Send additional data option in a navigation workflow to define a parameter with the link to the listing they were interested in. Upon the signup button click, create a workflow that redirects to the page stored in that parameter if there is any. :slight_smile:

Happy Bubbling!


Rather than passing parameters around (which might get complicated if they are missing etc), you could store the current listing on the User. Even when someone isn’t logged in, they still have a User record, and this is then usable when they signup so you can check it and redirect.

Thanks a lot folks. I did manage to work it out by passing parameter for the id of the listing, worked like a charm.

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