Passing Bulleted List in Postmark?

What does your email template look like in Postmark?

@calicass83 I am without my computer right now but later today I will share images with you.

I think that when you use a template, Postmark will wait for text to fill the HTML, that is why your BBCode and HTML are showing not formatted.

When you use the endpoint to send HTML content, Postmark will wait for HTML. That is why it works.

I am copying the HTML from Stripo and pasting in Bubble (as arbitrary text) and filling the parts that I need with information and loops (as you are trying to do).

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Interesting. I’m a visual learner, so looking forward to that screenshot when you have the time. Thanks so much!

I don’t think this will work. Bubble doesn’t process native HTML codes in the values. It will do HTML ecode/escape the HTML codes, so the codes will show up as pure text as they are typed.

Works for me!

Example of where I use code:

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 15.52.27

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