Passing Bulleted List in Postmark?

I use stripo as my email editor to create HTML templates that then get passed to Postmark. I am trying to pass a bulleted list through the Postmark API (don’t want to use plugins). I have scoured the forum and tried all the suggestions from others (:format as text, line_break, etc.). I’ve spent an ungodly number of hours trying to figure this out but still don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Gah!

This is my current setup:

And this is what the email looks like:

H @calicass83 ,

Try to use BBcode to HTML converter and send via postmark,

Plugin link : BBCode to HTML Plugin | Bubble

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Trying to avoid plugins, but thanks

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Instead of BBCode use HTML. So

<ul> </ul>

Where do you make that modification in the workflow? It looks like Bubble is already applying html

In your format content as text

Instead of [ul] [/ul] use <ul> </ul>

Instead of [li] [/li] use <li> </li>

Postmark takes in HTML, not BBCode

Unfortunately, that’s not working

You are passing it into the HtmlBody on the Postmark API right?

I am formatting it in the workflow, does it need to have those brackets in the API connector?

One sec, I’m actually noticing that the syntax is incorrect.

This is how you form an unordered list in HTML:

If I do it like this


I get this


How is your API call setup? Is this a merge field of the template

Honestly, at this point, just use the bullet point character • (option 8 on Mac)

I think the problem may rely on the fact that you are formatting the HTML as text in you call, placing the code between quotation marks…

And this is the reason why both BBCode and HTML are being displayed without proper formatting.

Do as @johnny last suggested and it should work.

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Great! The bullet gets passed (woo hoo!), but line_break and a spacebar in the delimeter don’t produce the list on separate lines. Any ideas?

Here’s what happens with the space in the delimiter like so


Here, I’ve tried adding a split by (space) operator

But no change


What does your template look like? Are you using <pre> tags?

@calicass83 Why don’t you use the endpoint to send a Single email?

This will allow you to sent text as HTML. Tryed here. Worked.

I’m not understanding how that’s different from my current set up or how that can be used with the html template that gets pushed to Postmark from Stripo?

Can you show me a screenshot example of what that looks like?