Passing Parameters to make Get Request from API

Hey guys,

New to bubble and just going through the motions although I can’t find tutorials on the issue I’m facing.

What I would like to accomplish is the following;

  1. User inputs keyword into form field.
  2. Go button is submitted.
  3. An event or function takes that keyword and passes it as a parameter to make a GET request from an external API I have set up with API connector.
  4. Data from API is then displayed on a new page relevant to the user’s search query.

Any help would be fantastic.

Thank you.

The simplest way to achieve this would be to pass the search input’s value from the form field through to the results page, then run the API call on that page.

So first, make sure you API call is set up to allow the required parameter to use dynamic values (i.e. uncheck the ‘private’ option for that parameter).

Then when the ‘Go’ button is clicked, run a workflow to navigate to your next page, and pass the value of the input field to the new page in a URL parameter.

Then run the API call on the new page (either as an action on pageload, or use it as a data source), with the value if the previous page’s input (taken from the URL) as the value of the parameter in the API call.

Have a group set up on the page to display that type of data, and in that you can show whatever data you like form the API call response.



Hi , I’m looking to do as you instructed , but I have a problem finding in the workflow editor the API call of the call I tab ,

Any idea how to solve this thank you

Hi @arumizan :wave:
In order to find API call in workflow you have to do like this :point_down:

Hi @viquarahmed07

still cant find it

Have you initialized the call?

Yes ,

@viquarahmed07 @adamhholmes

it works ! thank you for the support

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