Search function and repeating group

Hi everyone, I need your help with a little problem I am having.

Basically, on my page 1, I have a search function consisting of an input and a button.

When the user makes a search via the input and he presses the button, he is returned to the “search result” page.

On this page, I want to show a repeating group with the data corresponding to its search. So I want to filter the data that contains the word the user searched for.

In page 1, I told bubble to go to the result page by sending the value of my input.

But I don’t know how to find it on my search page, or maybe there is an easier solution?

Thank you for your help !!

Are you sending it as a page parameter? If so, you’ll need to grab that parameter either in the repeating group or as a state when the page loads. There are various ways to do this. Are you sending a simple text field or a specific data type? You may be interested in our “Sending page parameters” tutorial at


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