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Passing URL Parameters

Ive put a Link on a repeating group on a 'listings search page ’ the correct ID from random Alphanumeric string (from block spring) displays in the url but on the ‘individual listing page’ The information thats displayed always shows the first listing thats stored in the data base and not the listing that is referenced by the id in the url

I followed Code free start up Lesson 9 (Passing URL parameters)

What have a typed wrong and what should I type so that on the repeating group on the listings search page I can click any listing and the correct listing is shown on the individual listing page
Also on individual listing page I clicked

“Parent groups … Listing …”

So what I think is happening is the correct URL with the correct ID with the random Alphanumeric string is correctly showing no matter which box in the previous page repeating group is clicked but in the photo where it says Search for … listings:first item

I think its ignoring the ID displayed in the URL and Literally displaying the information thats the first item in the data base

why I say this is I experimented swapping 'first item ’ for ‘random item’ and it just displays a random listing. also ‘last item’ displays the last items listing stored in data base

so question is how do I get the information displayed on the page when I reference “parent groups…” to match with the id shown in the URL

I was meant to post this photo

Best Regards

David McRobbie

I am guessing that the URL Path is not being read correctly. Couple ideas to try and help here:

Can you open it in ?debug_mode=true and check the Data Source for the Repeating Group?

Did you set the URL Path to a text field? - In one of the pictures you posted you are using path, is it the second picture that you are actually using?

Remove the equal sign from your url parameter in the constraint. It should read “ID = Get id from page url”

Try that.

Also, I think you should be sending data to the page instead of using url parameters here. Just my opinion and preference. You’d avoid having to search for the listing for every element and instead reference the “current page thing”.

Good idea you had about using debug mode haven’t used it before

In photo where it says
Get id= from page URL: (empty)

is that (empty) supposed to be filled with something and if so what?

I also noticed you both offer lessons with the lessons are you able to view my screen or do I need to show screen shots?

Solved I thought id post the photo might save the next person some time figuring this out (I was stuck on this for 2 days)

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