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Help passing paramters in URL string to new page


Another newbie question. I’m not finding any useful instructions on how to use parameters to pass data from a search results page to a “product detail” page. Pretty basic concept.

  1. I have groups as my basic thing/database - groups have:
    (for now that’s enough)
    short form ID generated from Blockspring - this works great

  2. I have a search results page -
    Shows the group data from above in a repeating group. Also works great.

  3. Clicking on a link in the repeating group takes the user to a group detail page with more information on said group.
    What I’d like to do is pass the relevant field data through using an external URL and the ID set as a parameter. I get the logic, but not having any luck implementing.

The system sets my ID to first item in a list and I end up with the fields from the first search results item in the group detail page, every time. I can share my file though it’s pretty big and messy. I’ve been following the Code-Free Startup class on building an AirBnB like app - but it’s not really sufficient for understanding the logic in this case. Any advice or other samples of this functionality much appreciated, does seem pretty basic.

Hello @debbielefkowitz

Slightly confused as to what you are trying to achieve, and why you can’t use the standard “sending data to a page” Bubble method (I am assuming you have taken the tutorial on that ?).

If you have something stored on bubble’s database i.e. you “group” then it already has an Id, the unique id.

It sounds like you don’t want to use the longer Unique Id in your Url ? And that you want a shorter URL parameter ?

If you really do want to send the Short Id as a parameter, then you just need to construct the “external” with the parameter in it … so … mydomain/detailpage?id=ABCDE

And then in detailpage you use “Ger Parameter from page URL”

Read in the parameter (maybe on page load) and do a search on the database for the :firstitem that matches.