Passing values across multiple pages

Hi there, new to this so apologies if this is super simple but I can’t find it in the forums.

I have an app with multiple pages (10 pages)

based off of text input elements that the user fills out, text labels are pre-populated with dynamic content (from the text input element).

This works fine for text entered the page previously, as i have it set up;

But basically when I am trying to pull the data into the text label from a page say 3 pages prior, the content ends up being blank…

how can i have the data from pages >1 page pulled into the page?

Hi! Rodrigo from here

You can always send values using url parameters and then retrieve those values from the url in your destination page. You will need to consider the user journey to see when you store those values in url parameters and for how many pages you will need to carry them in the url. :slight_smile:

In your case you if you need the data of the trigger, you can store in a url parameter the Unique is of that trigger and in your destination page have a value set as “do a search for this trigger who has the same unique id than the url parameter”

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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