Password generation - too short!

Hello there,
So I’d like to generate more secure passwords for users. So far I’m using the “assign a temp password to a user” action in my workflow. It makes a nicely secured password, but it is only 8 characters long. And I’d like to raise this limit to 12 characters. From what I know, I cannot do anything to change the Bubble’s function, and all I can do is create a new “password” field in the database, generate the password myself and make replace all the log in workflows my self… It’s pretty long and not very secure. Any solution I didn’t think of? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there, @fe1… if you go to the Settings >> General tab, you can define a password policy, including the ability to set the minimum length for a password. Now, I have never tried using that setting in conjunction with the Assign a temp password to a user action (truth be told, I have never used the password policy settings at all), but I assume the action would respect the minimum length setting (it wouldn’t make sense if it doesn’t), so give it a shot and see if it works.

Hope this helps.


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It worked indeed! The new accounts created with the workflow indeed have 12 characters now. Didn’t know the solution would be so simple! Thanks so much!