Assign my Own Temp Password (Random Temp Password to complex)

Can somebody help how to create workflow “create account for somebody else” followed by “assign a temp password to a user” but with our own preferred temporary password?

So far what I know is when we run action “create account for someone else” followed by “assign a temp password to a user”…bubble will create a random temp password which is too complex (e.g Pd~:3x1I) which is not convenient for user.

I want to create random temp password which consists only 4 digits of numbers or something simple for staff to use on an ipad

There are random number and random string generators in the plugins library.

Do you know if you can assign a non random temp password. Eg 1234. Or similar.

Those random number generator plugins will generate a list of whatever length you want and if they don’t do only four, you can use Bubble functionality to trim the string to four characters/numbers.

I want to do the same however I want to “Create a User for someone else” then change their password but I can’t cause I don’t know their old password.

I can of course “Assign a Temp Password” (but as above it’s too complex) then try and change it by updating a users credentials but I am getting the error that the existing password from the “Assign temp password” action is incorrect