Password Reset not working

When trying to reset password i get this error message:

This is not a valid password reset request. Please have another reset email sent to you.

I checked everything over many times and cant find an issue. Does anyone have any idea?

See this post. Likely the same issue covered there.

I read through that many times, I dont really understand what was being said?

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Every time you initiate a password reset, an email is sent.

Each email contains a specific code in the “reset password” link.

With each time you initiate a reset, it invalidates the prior reset link.

So, look in the email account where the password reset was sent and look at the most recent email Then click on the reset password link in that email.

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I can create a new account and have only clicked once, still get the same issue. Any thoughts there?

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Please share some screenshots / additional context or a link to your editor in a PM. Hard to provide further guidance based on text alone.

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