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Reset PW page not working

Has anybody else had this problem with the reset password page, that it displays the following error:

“This is not a valid password reset request. Please request another password reset.”

I read in another post in the forum that this could be due to the fact that users should access this page from the password reset email, but what about if they are accessing it from the “forgot password” link on the login screen.

Not sure if that is the issue. Anybody else encountered this???

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Yes the user must get a reset link in the email.
but for the forgot password button can create a workflow when you click the button>send password reset email


Genius! I should have thought of that! Thanks so much. That’ll solve it.


When the user is sent a password reset, a special code is created (a token). In the email that the user receives, there is a unique URL that includes that special token.

When the user clicks the password reset button, Bubble is checking to see that that token matches the expected value. If it doesn’t, Bubble shows the notification that the request isn’t valid and the workflow doesn’t change the password.

Two things cause this:

  • There can be only one valid password reset at a time. So, every time you hit the reset password button, it creates a new token and considers the old one invalid. A user could click an “old” password email that is no longer valid.
  • Once you use a password reset, it invalidates that token.

Thanks for the explanation. Good to know how it works. Makes total sense!


What about when it doesnt work but not because one of those 2 cases?

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Had the same issue earlier, found the thread Can't replicate password reset error message

Like @marek explained, after the submit or confirm bottom for the “reset password”, need to add a navigate step to the workflow. I followed it and it worked, I personally redirected my page to signin for the users. This is how my workflow looks like,

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that’s a weird requirement…

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This is what solved my issue! Thanks for posting!

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Glad it helped! :smiley:

I had to do the same thing to get my pw reset page to work as well, what I did though in the “Only When” section was set it to “Input Password’s value is Input Confirmation’s value” to help with password matching checks.