"This is not a valid password reset request": Password Reset Issues

I created a password reset workflow and it worked when tested a few times. But now, when a user tries to reset a password, the system gives the following error message: “This is not a valid password reset request. Please have another reset email sent to you”.
I’m not sure how to fix this. I checked the forum and came across similar issue from 2018, but there’s no evidence that it was addressed. It’s 2022 and I’m still getting the same error message; can anyone help me address this issue?


Can you give some screenshot here so I can try to help you?

Can you send some pictures so that I can help you…And by the way there is a default password reset page in bubble app…You can use it, I have used it and it works fine and you can redesign it!

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Thanks for your response. Please see the attached screenshot. I am using the password reset pop-up that comes with Bubble pages. I just redesigned it. So the entire workflow is something that is already built in by Bubble; that’s why I don’t know how to fix the issue.

I think I found something: The message occurs when the “confirm” button is clicked multiple times or if the user uses an older link to reset the password. However, the reason why the user clicks the “confirm” button multiple times is because after the user hits the “confirm” button nothing changes. The reset password page remains and gives the user the impression that no change had happened. This prompts the user to click it multiple times. On the desktop/laptop, its easy to see because Bubble opens another tab with the user account (with user logged in). As a result, the user does not notice that the password reset page remains open. However, on a mobile device, that does not happen; Bubble does not appear to open another window or take the user to their account; the password reset page remains, even thought the password is changed. Based on this, the question now becomes how can I ensure that the password reset pages closes or change after the user confirms their password so that they dont feel the need to click the “confirm” button again. Or how can we make sure that Bubble takes them to their account. I put in a second step to move them to their account, but it just seems odd because: Firstly, the “password reset” popup comes with Bubble preset workflow; it should already be doing it. Secondly, even if the user is redirected/navigated to their account by adding a step, it just opens another page (the password reset page still remains open). An unknowing user could think that they still need to click the “confirm” button. Bottomline is that I just need some help making sure the process is clean. That is, unless the passwords dont match or something, once the “confirm” button is clicked, the user does not see the password reset page (this is where the confusion comes in).

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@darrenchapin129 I have got the solution…But firstly, to ensure that my solution is correct, I need to see your workflow… Can you please send the screenshot of the workflow?
I just need to see your workflow so that what I am thinking is correct and the solution which I will provide you after you share the screenshots is also correct…Because the solution is completely depended on your workflows…

@darrenchapin129 , I guess this is what you are trying to achieve:
When the user clicks on the confirm button then the password should get reset and they should get a message saying “The password was changed successfully”…and after that they should be redirected to their account page…
So please confirm that what I am saying is correct…If it is correct then I will provide you the steps…

Yes exactly. That’s what I want. Currently, when the user confirms Bubble appears to reset the password and logs the person into their account. However, the password reset screen/page remains. So the user does not get redirected.

Sorry for the late reply, when you replied to my message it was midnight😅

Ok this is the solution to your problem-
Step 1- Reset Password (Which you have already added in the workflow)
Step 2- Add a popup and add a text element in the popup and write “Password was changed successfully” And uncheck the checkbox with written ‘This element is visible on page load’
Step 3- Now go to the workflow and go to element actions and choose show ‘Popup A’
Step 4- Now choose navigation and go to page ‘Account’ (NOTE: DATA TO SEND= Current User.
Hope this helps

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Thanks Adi! I drafted this response shortly after I tried your approach, but only to find out this morning, that it was never submitted. Lol! My apologies. Anyways, I tried your recommended approach and it seemed to work. However, people were still complaining about the issue. Then upon further check, it turned out that the issue was happening only on Android devices. I have no idea why it would be an OS specific issue. Anyways, we ended up designing a button that manually directed/navigated Android users to the account page, using a condition function. Once again, I apologize to you and anyone else who was following us on this issue.

No problem,
Same thing…I noticed that this issue was only for the android devices…I also think it might be the OS which is causing problems…
I am glad that it worked…
All the best for your new startup/business :smile:

Thanks Aditya!

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