Password reset working on staging but not on live site. Need help

Hi, I am updating my site to use SendGrid to send out the password reset emails. Something weird is happening when deploying to my live site.

On staging the token comes through and everything works perfectly.

When deployed to the live site, the token doesn’t come through. It’s just blank. What could be the reason for this? Below is my workflow and my SendGrid template. Thanks in advance for any help!

Your button URL behind the blacked out part has “version-test” in it

Might want to consider making the URL in Bubble and sending the entire URL as the substitution tag

Try Website home URL followed by /reset_pw?reset=[token]
That might dynamically include “version-test/” or leave it empty if it’s the live version.

Thanks for the response. I’m still a bit confused. Now when I remove the SendGrid workflow step and use just the Bubble password reset, I don’t get the email on production. If I do the same steps on the development site, I am receiving the email and able to reset my password. Is there something wrong with my first workflow step?

Also, your suggestion for the url was a good suggestion but I tried that and it also didn’t work. The token still comes out blank.

Is this being done on the front end? Try backend

Thanks for your response. I was able to figure it out and your input helped.

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