PayPal API course suggestion

Hi all, is there any basic available course explains how to connect " PayPal " and " API connector " ? course includes and covers these content :
1-How to use PayPal in marketplace template for example , users “Sellers” can integrate or " connect" their PayPal accounts using toggle button [ enable/disable ]

2- Direct transaction from buyer to seller ( without any fee deduct ), payment feature like the one in

3- PayPal payout feature where marketplace " admin " save all the seller’s sales and make auto "payout " on a scheduled monthly date for " Multi seller’s " PayPal account

4- Send PayPal invoices for every seller

There are some information and posts in the forum beside plugins ,but i think there is no plugin can make " direct payment like "" also " multi seller or dynamic field " is not an option …I think if we put all the content in 1 basic course with some scenario like monthly payout work flow will be a good idea and save some time

For me i will purchase this course once it’s ready and i am sure there are some other new bubble users looking for this kind of course


Hello @hassan_salamah

Not exactly what you are asking for but this is an fyi about a Paypal service by a very contributing member of the forum @Thimo

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Thanks for the replay , really appreciate that.
I’ve checked this plugin , good plugin and template "" but in my personal opinion , i 'm not comfort with pricing model for every subscriber, also i can’t find direct payment like the one in ko-fi .com , and monthly auto workflow payout

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