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Hi every one , i can’t use stripe and "PayPal " is my only available option . I am building a marketplace " Buyer / seller " , looking for your help with any of these suggestions :

1- When the buyer purchase a service from the seller = the money will transact from buyer PayPal account to the seller PayPal account directly [ in this case how i can make the seller connect the PayPal account ], if this not available option ,then :

2- A- How i can make a monthly workflow to send money from " My PayPal account / Admin " to the " Seller " account on 10th of each month ?
B- Monthly user balance " for sales made in ever month only" for example when the buyer purchase service from the seller, The money will save in seller monthly balance account ? then Reset the "monthly seller balance " to 0$ after send the payment

put your " " account and will "buy a coffee " , any video tutorial or support highly appreciate .
Thanks in advance

Check out Smart Payment Buttons Smart Payment Buttons Overview

If you know what you are doing I’m sure it’s not hard to do it yourself in bubble (I don’t :rofl: )

@Anticode have a smart payments plugin - I’ve asked if they can expose the ‘payee’ and make currency dynamic - if you + 1 this request maybe that’s enough incentive for them to push that update :smiley:


@hassan_salamah welcome back to the community!

@Thimo I think your PayPal payment subscription service may be needed here :grinning:


Thanks for the reply , asking for new update +1 . hopefully very soon

Anticode just release a new plugin : This Plugin Incorporates the Paypal Payouts API into your Bubble application. You can send money to other emails via Paypal using this Plugin. This Plugin also allows you to generate access tokens, which are required to make a successful API Call.
I will try it to my use case , you can give it a try and see if it helps you with your app

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