Paypal API for sellers on a marketplace


I am stuck with a pretty big problem. My marketplace has to use PayPal because they offer discounts on shipping prices when sellers go to ship their item to the buyer.
Unfortunately I cant get ahold of PayPal for their Partner Program marketplace API that allows integration for sellers to pay each other. It’s still limited release.

I am looking for a way around this that;

  1. Connects sellers via their Paypal information upon a buy now option or auction expiry.
  2. Allows for the platform (me) to take a 1% fee of the transaction.

Any help would be amazing. Thank you!

You can reach them via chat or phone but I can tell you that, the PayPal MarketPlace for platforms program requires approval by your account manager. That account manager is going to look at your volumes when deciding whether or not to allow you to join.

If you are a startup or have a new account/app, then it’s not likely going to be an option. Your results may vary and you should try.

There is another option which is to leverage the Express Checkout APIs and bubbles API plugin but it requires more of a development lift.

@mayvik are you able to elaborate on this a bit more? Would this enable users to have a pay via paypal button on invoices they issue and receive payment for those invoices to their own paypal accounts directly?

Sure. You basically need to use Bubbles API Connector feature and build a custom solution using PayPals Express Checkout API. It’s deprecated but still works at Express Checkout API flow.

You can also use smart buttons which I would recommend since it’s current (not deprecated) at Smart Payment Buttons Overview.

I thought about opening up the Bubble API to other Bubble users for that app I built using this method but have not gotten around to it.

Hope that helps.


Hi @mayvik i was looking for solution to my app , i don’t want to take a fee or hold a funds , only direct payment from buyer PayPal account to seller PayPal account. is there any ready to use PayPal plugin available in the bubble market can help me with that ?
Thanks in advance

Hello Has,

That kind of depends. If the seller is always the same, then one of the existing PayPal plugins in bubbles marketplace should do.

You will need to review them as I have not looked at them since I decided to customize a solution of my own some time ago as described in this thread.

If you are seeking a marketplace solution where the seller is always different then I am not aware of a Bubble plugin that takes payments from a buyer and sends them to a dynamic seller’s account.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks a lot for your quick reply ,really appreciate your advice sir. Actually i am looking for "Dynamic seller’s PayPal account " , There are a lot of PayPal Plugins “Free & paid” but none of these plugins offer dynamic seller’s PayPal account ! is it something difficult to integrate , or not highly needed from the bubble makers or something else ? also Can i make this feature available using API connecter ?
Or do you think this plugin can help : Plugins | Bubble , this plugin asked for “Clien ID” but i don’t know how i can get client ID for the sellers !! do i need to install another plugin to get client ID and save it in the database after that use it to make payment to the seller based on the client ID ?

  • In the PayPal developer account , i need to check this box "Login with PayPal account ? "check screen shot "

Thanks a gain

Hi Has,

As stated earlier, I was unable to find an existing plugin that met my needs so I built a solution that addresses dynamic sellers as you would find in a marketplace platform.

The plugin that you referenced did come closer than the others but ultimately I prefer to have control over code and not depend on plugins when possible.


Would you be willing to share the solution you built?

I would like to share it with the community, however, it required a moderate time investment.
We may release it as a template at some point in the future if we can find a fair way to do so.

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I’m sure if you put it on the template marketplace there would be plenty of people willing to purchase for a fair price :slight_smile:

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Hi Bubble community,

I have been developing in Bubble for over a year now and have noticed from research that there may be a need for a marketplace solution that uses PayPal as a payment provider where transactions are split between the marketplace owner and marketplace seller.

Which is why I’ve come up with a PayPal marketplace solution where the admin takes a % of your transaction. It’s currently in beta now, and I am anxious to see if it is a value to add to the Bubble community.

Would you be interested in this? What features would you want for it?


Would be interested in having a look :slight_smile:

I am interested in a solution where admin doesn’t take a % too - just a straight ‘on behalf of’ type transaction…I believe PayPal allow for ‘payee’ being the email address of the paypal account?

Hi there, I could be very interested in a PayPal integration for my app, as my sellers mostly use PayPal. Still I think most people who would need a PayPal integration on top of a credit card solution such as Stripe/MangoPay/Adyen, would actually need something working 2 ways which might be difficult to do: a buyer paying either PayPal/Stripe and the seller being paid either PayPal/Stripe. That means movements from PayPal to Stripe OR from Stripe to PayPal accounts, passing through our marketplace as intermediary and taking a % commission fee. I don’t see many use cases where an app would require exclusively using PayPal. Generally the credit card/GooglePay/ApplePay payment methods are quite required for buyers. Do you think something can be feasible on this? Would demand manipulating both Stripe and PayPal APIs to enable pay-in and pay-out both ways.

thank you for sharing your link to the api…

@boston85719 have you used paypal in any of your apps?

my client is bleeding customers who are a bit older school and prefer paypal. this has led to me asking for 5% on each sale to build something out with paypal.

as @mayvik mentioned, I perused Become a PayPal Partner | PayPal US and the “under $10million over $10million” category was not a good sign that I will get approved. My client has net about a total in $7000 in sales (over a year+), so we’re a few zeroes away from getting Paypal’s interest…

If I asked my client to pay me 5% on the back end, then I would go with this solution (I wonder if I had found this from the start, would I have bothered with Stripe at all?)
PayPal Buttons Integration which I believe can modify with: dart - PayPal Orders v2 create response: The requested action could not be performed, semantically incorrect, or failed business validation - Stack Overflow to allow for the purchase of multiple items in different quantities.

However, I would like to avoid this and have the 5% deducted from each sale and go directly into my account.


@dwwest11 were you able to get your 1% transaction fee operational?


as developers, i think it behooves us to charge a minimum transaction fee. i fell into this trap where i was providing sales support & unable to scale with my client. i believe by putting in some % fee, you then are encouraged to help your client grow. i guess i was naive when i started this journey that the payoff :moneybag: would come later, but it’s now “later” and the payoff is still to arrive! :cold_sweat:
:money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

update, this diagram helps a lot:

Look at Braintree’s marketplace API - you can take paypal payments

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looks like this requires node.js

watching How I extend Bubble's functionality with Node.js + Express - YouTube I feel like I’ve met my match…

any idea how to approach this with the api connector? Or it seems it’s a nogo since there’s no braintree rest api… might have to take a turn back to paypal express checkout

maybe i spoke too soon, just found this:

from the thread above

on second second thought, there’s no way i’m going to get node working and keep my sanity, at least i don’t think. going to make a go at express checkout and hope to report back with some success

I’m fairly certain they have REST API

I have not. Interested to hear the solution you come up with.

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Did someone ever figure out a way to get this to work?

I’m looking for a similar option, basically just wanting to have users send money to other users. Once my volume/sales goes up I’ll contact PayPal to see if I can get in on the Platform thing they have going and start earning some % fee.