PayPal in Stripe

Hi paypal and stripe experienced guys,

I successfully integrated stripe into our bubble app using the stripe plugin. That stripe plugin doesnt seem to allow the paypal integration within stripes checkout that you would get with the stripe API even though it is activated in stripes payment methods settings. The stripe support checked everything and said in the API settings one could turn payment setting parameters on and off but this doesnt seem to work in the bubble plugin. Any help would be appreciated. Any of you ever set up stripe integration via API and not the plugin?


Hi Sven

I am facing a similar problem as my customer base is in Germany. Right now I have solved this by using another Stripe plugin called Stripe Checkout PRO (Stripe Checkout PRO Plugin | Bubble).

It works fine for one subscription but as soon as you want to upsell your customer to a higher tier, I have issues because it cannot update an existing subscription so the customer has 2 active subs which is not ideal. But for a single subscription it should work.


To solve the two active subs issue, create a field called past_sub_id.

When a user wants to upgrade to a higher tier, run a workflow that copies the current_id to the past_sub_id field.

Then, create an API that deletes a subscription.

In another workflow, include this API action to delete the subscription ID that’s on the past_sub_id field.

Trigger this workflow when the user gets to the success url

Thanks for helping out! I set it up and have 3 questions:

  1. Right now, the user doesn’t get automatically refunded for the first tier. How can I set it up so he really pays only for the second tier? A workaround I found is to apply a discount code on the upsell equal to the cost of the first tier but IMO not ideal.
  2. I am not that experienced with API workflows. Why do you suggest an API for the cancellation action? I set it up with a normal workflow “When page is loaded” on the success page and it works.
  3. Do you know how I can set up a one-click purchase on the upsell? With the normal stripe plugin it worked as the cc information was saved - with Stripe Checkout PRO it will open another checkout session on the upsell. I would prefer that the user get’s charged once he clicks on the “Buy” button on the upsell page.

Thank you again! :slight_smile: