Paypal Marketplace / Adaptive Payments / Delayed Transfer


Is there a Bubble Solution for Paypal for Marketplaces that allows splitting of payments and adaptive / delayed payments?


I’ve looked through the various templates, plugins, and solutions available for using Paypal with Bubble, but I can’t seem to find one that would enable split payments between vendor and marketplace, delayed payments en route from buyer to vendor via marketplace platform, or other functionalities that seem to be available out of the box with Stripe and its corresponding Bubble plugins. The closest I’ve found for Paypal and Marketplaces is developed by Renato Asse, but while it allows sellers to register their client IDs as a field, it doesn’t allow for the marketplace to get a share of the fee. Renato is the one who actually told me that Paypal Adaptive Payments exists, and from the forum I discovered Paypal for Marketplaces, which seems to be invite only from what I’m reading in the thread. Is there truly no Bubble solution for this? I can’t use Stripe because I’m in a country that doesn’t have Stripe yet.

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Hi - does anyone have a solution for this- I am facing the same challenge?


Me too

Just use stripe marketplace. You need a lot of sales volume to even be approved for paypal marketplace features.