PayPal payment from one user (customer) to another (seller) with a percentage captured

I’m trying to add a pay with PayPal feature to my site. My site allows the customer to pay for another user’s services. Is there a plugin that allows a user to pay another user with PayPal, and have a percentage taken out for my site? I have Stripe fully integrated to do this, but I wanted to add a PayPal option as well. Thanks!

There is no plugin for this. PayPal Adaptive Payments was the way to go for this, but it is a bit outdated tbh. Therefore PayPal recently launched PayPal For Marketplaces, maybe you want to have a look at it.

Thanks for your response! Looks like I will hold off on adding PayPal for now.

Hi Seth,

How did you manage to do this with Stripe, please share?

Hey Seth, can you share how you managed to get it done?

Hi! The Stripe plugin from Bubble allows you to set an “app fee.” This is the amount taken out of the total payment to the seller or service provider. This can be a set amount, or dynamic, such as a percentage. The Stripe fee (2.9%+.30) is taken out of the normal payee amount (the seller or service provider’s cut), so a little arithmetic is required to take the Stripe fee out of your personal cut (the “app fee”). Hopefully this helps!

Thanks for the help Seth.