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Stripe payment settings for charging a fee to users and sellers

Hi All -

I’ve recently built a marketplace app and I’m looking for help with setting up stripe to charge a % fee on the front end of a transaction (when a customer places their order) and on the backend (when I transfer the funds to a seller).

Right now, I have it configured to only charge the % to the seller but was wondering how I can set it up to split the % between both users.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @anthony.woodard91

This video should get you started

I actually just watched his full course but he doesn’t cover my specific question of collecting a fee upfront.

Send the calculated fee in the plugin action

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Thanks for the suggestion - that’s what I’ve done as of now. I think the way I have it setup (my math) is correct, but I’ll post here for confirmation.

Under the total charge which goes to the end user, I am calculating a % fee on top of the seller’s price. Then under the platform/app fee which the seller incurs, I subtract the above fee and then also charge a % fee from the subtotal. Is that the best practice for collecting fee’s on both ends?