Paypal split payment between seller and platform

I already have the Stripe plugin up and running where the customer receives one charge that splits the payment between the seller and adds on a small platform fee. I’d like to do the same for Paypal checkout but I haven’t found a plugin that allows the charges to be split.

Has anyone found a solution? I don’t mind paying for a plugin that provides this service.


I’m not aware of anyone building this into a plugin but PayPal does offer a marketplace setup similar to Stripe where you can have multiparty payments.

I think the place to start would be ensuring you have your PayPal account setup accordingly for this purpose and that you’ve got the relevant access. I’m fairy sure PayPal is going to ask you to fill out a form, cos they love their forms for accessing different features

You can then either use their API to provide a fully integrated approach, but I feel like that just replicates what you have with Stripe (at least on the buyer side). So what you’d probably want to do is use their Javascript SDK so you get that classic PayPal hosted checkout but you get your cut of the transactions

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