Paypal Plugin Support Page

Adding this thread to provide updates and offer support for my plugin; link

Create, authorize and capture Paypal payments.

  • Allows you to create payments with sale or authorize intent.
  • Capture authorized payments
  • Process refunds
  • Pass details to Paypal payment; shipping address, total, currency, subtotal, shipping, tax, note to payer, description.
  • Hide the shipping address (product doesn’t ship or irrelevant, don’t show it).
  • Update 25/07/20: Pull the Sale info

Demo: link

Currently using Paypal V1 api and looking to add V2 functionality. I not sure when this will be (I am very busy with another project). However, I will take requests and add functionality where I can (sale info was requested :slight_smile:)

You can also contact me via my bubble contact page (link) but this goes to my old email address so replies may be delayed… (logged as a bug with Bubble support).

Any issues or anything else I can help with, please let me know.

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Great plugin! thank you!

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