PayPal Recurring Payments. Is it good?

Hi! I’m looking to offer subscriptions for my platform. Braintree looks like a good option, however, its necessary to establish an LLC in the US to be able to use it, as I am located in Colombia. That’s why I am thinking about using this app from @ZeroqodeSupport to be able to offer subscriptions to my app and collect payments.

Anybody has used it yet? I’m looking to get some info and references beyond the existing documentation.

Hi Juan,
you can also check our forum for discussions about this particular plugin:


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hi @levon Thanks for your reply. I’m looking into it. It looks promising so I might give it a try this week, it would be awesome if it works to collect recurring payments, as being in Colombia is limiting, regarding the use of platforms as Stripe and Braintree.

I was wondering if you guys offer some kind of support or installation of the plugin in case its needed.

Thanks again man. Have a great day

yes, we provide all the technical support over our forum. if you post on we’ll help you out there.