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Good Monday!

Hey guys I have been setting up Paypal subscriptions the entire weekend and faced a lot of challenges setting it up due to lack of proper guidelines on how to make the entire system work.

I am now offering to tutor a few bubblers on the same.

If you would like to join the session kindly comment about interest so I can plan on the same. Otherwise have a nice week ahead.

Founder @ Teknospur


Hi @koechamos51 Are you still offering your help setting up Subscription plans using paypal? I’m about to start implementing this on my app, but I don’t have much knowledge regarding this topic. Please let me know. Thanks in advance

Sure! When you want to start implementing just ping me so we can schedule a session.

Cool! Ill look deeper into what is the best tool to implement this feature, and will let you know. Just found that Stripe offers a tool for International founders, that looks interesting. Thanks for your reply tho.

Sure! Stripe is very robust and will also recommend it as well.

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hi @koechamos51
Looking into it, setting paypal subscription for now seems the best thing to do for now. To set Stripe its needed an LLC in the US.
I was wondering if this implementation can be used if I am located in Colombia. Can I set this plugin to use PayPal as payment gateway and collect my money in Colombia? I think is possible, but I want to make sure. I already have a PayPal account. What else is needed?
We are looking to start implementing the recurring payments feature for subscriptions, very soon.
And finally, just to make sure, we are talking about integration with this Zeroqode plugin:


Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey there!

You can setup the Braintree plugin to integrate payments for PayPal. If you need help with it let me know.

Hope that is helpful :blush:



hi @J805

Well, that seems interesting. So I am able to use Braintree plugin and integration to get subscription payments even if I am not in the US?

I believe so, you should be able to test it for free. I’m not in Columbia but it should be easy to test and see if it would work for you. Every country is different. :blush:

Ok. Ill look into it to find out if its possible. Do you have any idea about where I can start looking? I would appreciate if you know about some reference documentation.

Seems like Columbia is not in their list. :confused:

Maybe check here to see if it’s possible:

It does seem to have it in their list of countries though:

Yes, its not. That’s why I was surprised hen you mention that you can integrate paypal with braintree. But it seems that its not possible. However, yes, Colombia its on that list of SDK. What does it mean? I sent an email asking for details about whether or not I can use the plugin being located in Colombia

Yeah. I would just do a quick test if I were you. It might be quicker than waiting for a response from Stripe. Then you will know for sure if it works or not.

This plugin is great though has a bit of shortcomings as some calls are missing in their list. I haven’t checked if they updated it yet. Some of the calls are deprecated by paypal and they have marked the new calls (New).

Thanks for your help!

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No problem @james.carry :blush:


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