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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

I would have to get some time spent on it to debug what exactly goes on, it is in my tracker for new features.
In the future I may get that done :blush:

Hey Vini,
I am getting an error when running a back end workflow if there is a empty column in an advanced table…

In this example if Column ‘Comment’ is empty the workflow fails.

I have tried to add a condition to the workflow step, but this doesnt seem to solve it.

Any help appreciated!


estou SIM na mais recente e não esta funcionando.

Hello @vini_brito ,

How does the authentication token thing works? I cannot get the token.

Can you do an example of it please?

Hello Fellow conjurers!

I’m trying to set a column in advanced table to put two concatened data in it:
Let’s say my thing is a schedule, with 2 fields : date_start and date_end.

I would like to display in 1 column date_start - date_end like :

11/20/2021 - 11/22/2021

My table is based on a RG so in the advanced table column “List of item” what should I put ?

RG Schedule’s List of Schedule’s date_start:formatted as mm/dd and then ? there’s no append and format as text is not validated


Someone who can help to not diisturb @vini_brito
thank you a lot

@vini_brito what this error means ?


Is there the “:append” operator available on the options? The you could you append…

nope :confused:

Do file a bug report here: Unlimited Bubbling - Report a bug :blush:

Hey @vini_brito no way to got some background color in cells in advanced tables ?

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