PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

@zatrix.za Think of it as a “list of lists”, you have to pass a list of lists in that action.

@gerben Great, thanks for telling it to me here :blush:

@Kent On repeated table: Same thing, pass a list of lists there :blush:
On custom fonts on the footer page number: I do not think there is a way, currently, if that is super important for your app you can sponsor the work needed to build that feature :blush: if so just sent me a private message.

@alastair1 Try using “when an unhandled error occurs” event and/or having a default image. Hopefully this helps!

So BBCode is working now?
That’s awesome!

It is supposed to! As always, report any issue found :wink:

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Everything working just fine so far!

Unsure if anyone else is getting this error when using columns in advanced tables???

After HUGE amounts of trial and error it appears when a column in an advanced table has no data (both when using front end and backend workflows) this error is thrown. On occasion, when you click OK then workflow proceeds to run as expected however sometimes it does not.

@vini_brito is there a fix coming for this?!


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Hello! Well, what would you consider a fix to this? :blush:
How would you prefer it to behave if you try to add a blank column? And what if all columns are blank?

Hey @vini_brito

Here is a screenshot of a PDF output. The user can choose to add comments and/or files to each form section (outputted as blue). In this instance, as these two columns have some data in them the plug in works as expected. If however there is no data input by the user to any of the sections the plugin throws an error. In this use case I’d expect the columns to simply print nothing (as they have done for section 2-5). This seems to happen both on front end and backend workflows.

Hope that helps and happy to assist further :slight_smile:

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Great, makes sense! It is indeed possible. I added that to my backlog, but no estimated time of delivery for it.

Meanwhile, try to use defaults to avoid actually empty values, even a spacebar hit, as in " " (without quotes) would do.

If it is crucial that it starts accepting specifically actual empty right now, then you can sponsor the work for that to be done, if it is the best path for your project, just send me a private message about it :blush:

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Hi @vini_brito ,

I have a Request, in a scenario like this:
In add image to pdf action, if it references a non-existent or moved image (added through Dynamic image input), the workflow just keeps spinning, no visual errors are thrown only a dev-console message of code 403 and Uncaught TypeError (see screenshot).

Is it possible to add a break there so your plugin throws an error in the workflow and I can catch it using Bubble’s error events?
Currently, Bubble’s error catch events aren’t triggered because I am guessing its waiting on the promise that never resolves,

I hope this makes sense.

Hi @vini_brito,

I am running into a webpage error when running the PDF workflow in live, but it works fine in test.

Error: “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘split’)” There are many more lines in the console under this error.

I’m on V 3.4.0 and never had this issue in the past, would you recommend upgrading?

Please let me know your thoughts!


SOLVED: I installed the latest version and everything is working great. As always, thanks Vini!

Has anyone mastered how to make files private using server side workflows?


Came here looking for another answer, thought I’d answer this one.

First, create this backend workflow

Second, check your API settings

Lastly, connect the two by adding the Upload PDF step after the Conjure PDF step.

Now, if your PDF backend workflow works properly, it will create a PDF file (see Data->File Manager).

If you want to make a link to the file, I suggest creating a filename that identifies the user/owner of the PDF, and then use regex to extract the intended owner and create a link in the user’s record in the pdf-file-intake backend workflow.



Há alguma forma de inserir um QR CODE no arquivo pdf com o link para download do pdf?
Is there any way to insert a QR CODE in the pdf file with the link to download the pdf?

Quando tento executar o plugin no Safari do IOS 13, recebo a mensagem de erro abaixo, e o PDF gerado aparece em branco. Quando executo no Safari do IOS 14 e no Chrome ou outro navegador para desktops, funciona normalmente. O que pode estar acontecendo?

A mensagem de erro:

the plugin PDF Conjurer / action Insert image on a PDF Model threw the following error: anonymous
https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_js/19e4b456230ccc7fae275b4cac7aea55085e648e9c92e0d03b13fefb1f305bbc/xfalse/x14:8:1306563 (please report this to the plugin author)

Hello, this is a great plugin. I was wondering if there can be an example workflow that shows how to create the header row in the example image below, where the “Inherent Risk” column has three sub-headings. This is like a table-within-a-table function that I haven’t been able to crack. I think this would also help us get the rows under the “Safeguards…” and “Recommendations” columns to appear as in the image. If there could be an image or link of what would work that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Também temos a mesma dúvida, gostaríamos de jogar uma tabela com essa formatação, alguém já conseguiu algo parecido?


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I am trying to add an image to a backend generation workflow using the Add Image step. The image is in an image field on a passed record (map). I have tried map’s image, map’s image URL - in both cases I get an error like the following:

Workflow error - Plugin action Add image on PDF error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘addedImages’ of null at eval (eval at build_function (/var/task/index.js:86:21), :75:17) at /var/task/index.js:349:23 at run_fn (/var/task/u.js:594:18)

Okay I worked this out before posting but am posting for general benefit. Prior step had an “Only if…” conditional and was not executing which broke the chain of passing the document down the workflow. Now need to work out another way of conditional insertion. Bubble can get messy fast.

Next problem - I admit I am struggling with when/why one needs to upload the PDF in a separate workflow - but not, it seems, always. You can also return data from the workflow doing the conjuring or add the conjure results to a data thing (I believe).

My next step after conjuring updates the passed map thing which has a field of type file - I try just updating that field with the results of the conjure step’s file name. Is this just never going to work? Is the conjure step some form of asynchronous thing. Is the file ‘elsewhere’ and thus not linkable in bubble without first uploading the file?


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Hello @vini_brito,

Using the server side plugin, I´m trying to recreate the invoice using your plugin and I´ve added an image action so we can show the logo but there might be some times that the invoice won´t have a logo, I´ve tried using the conditions but it throws an error.

Also, there might be some times we need to show a column and others that don´t need to show it. Also with some texts.

How do you handle those situations with your plugin?

Thanks a lot.

@vini_brito I’ve run into an issue generating PDFs if a user is running the Safari web browser when a PDFConjurer workflow includes any text items that use the “Parse BBCode” = “yes” setting. Here is an example of the type of error I’m seeing in the Bubble debugger:

The plugin PDF Conjurer / action Create text on a PDF Model threw the following error: RegExp@[native code]
prepareContent@ (please report this to the plugin author)

Despite this error, the PDF is still being generated in Safari, but any text items with the “Parse BBCode” = “yes” setting are omitted from the PDF (i.e. sections of the PDF report are missing). If I change all instances of “Parse BBCode” from “yes” to “no” the workflow runs without any errors in Safari and those text elements are displayed in the final PDF, but then I’m not able to apply any BBCode formatting.

I’ve tested the same workflow settings in Chrome and it produces the PDF as expected (with proper BBCode formatting), so something related to BBCode parsing isn’t working properly in Safari. Can you please take a look?

For reference, I was running into this issue with version 3.5.1 of the plugin, but I also tried updating to the latest version (3.7.0) and I’m still getting the same errors.

Thank you,