PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Hi Vini, some questions.:

  1. Is there any docs about PdF Conjurer BackEnd WorkFlow? It is not clear how to use it.

  2. Have you thought in how you will charge for new version…? I’m investing some time in you plugin, but I’m afraid I’ve got to look for new solution due to the lack of positioning on this update…

Conjurer is probably the most advanced PDF solution for Bubble…

Tks in advance.

Fala @vini_brito, minha sugestão seria você fazer uma página de doações em Reais, como vakinha e etc… Para que nós brasileiros (que não somos poucos) poderem contribuir com seu projeto em Reais. Isso facilitaria muito a nossa vida e você poderia receber mais recursos vindo de brasileiros.

Hi, the plug-in does not show in the bubble plugins search !

Take a look

Hi @vini_brito,

Ours plugins really help me. Bubble will be really limited without the PDF Conjurer or the Orchestra. :star_struck:

That’s really convice me to be a member.

Could you please check if the bbcode is working correctly on the “Create a Table”. In my app stop work.

Thank for our Job!

Hello Vini,
How much does it cost to upgrade?

@vini_brito This an amazing plugin. Hats off to you.

Hi everyone! Very interesting plugin, really looking forward to testing it…
I can’t find it in the plugins page inside my app and not able to install it from Plugins page. When I see other plugins I can isntall them but I can’t seem to find an option to install this one… any idea?

Is it because of the March updates? This plugin has the following notice on the plugin page:

This plugin has not received a necessary update from its author and may lose some functionality on March 12, 2024. Read more.

@edgarmolen97 Take a look

Hi vini_brito,

I am contacting you to discuss an issue regarding the regularization of a plugin we are currently using. After a detailed review we realized that updating our Bubble environment would cause significant problems. More precisely, it would disrupt the functionality of all our applications that rely on the plugin “PDF Conjurer”.

To avoid any potential service interruption, I would like to ask if there is any outstanding balance or specific requirements needed to fully regularize this plugin. Your quick response would go a long way in keeping our systems stable.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your advice on how we can resolve this issue.


@contacts1 Here is the explanation

But how much do you need to update the API? in order to put PDF conjurer back on Bubble.

Hey everyone, PDF Conjurer will be back soon! With some added free and paid trinkets attached to it to avoid future disruptions like this one :blush:


Hello Vini. I have an app where I use PDF Conjurer and is acting weird. On some items it generates the pdf but on others I get this error message:


Any idea why? The items are more or less the same. No images, no big data, but only text. On all of them.


Hi, great to see everything is up and running again.

I am trying to combine (merged with) two RGs within an advanced table.

I am referencing the Repeating Groups to populate the plugin, however I cannot see the second RG because it is nested within the first. When I move it outside, I can reference it within the plugin with merged with command. But I do need it nested because the nested RG data is dependant on the parent groups cell of the parent RG.

Any help regarding this. Perhaps the only solution is to get another plugin for creating a single list from multiple searches?

Can’t tell for sure, I only know it is related to the “Parse BBcode”, disabling it should solve it, or try moving into the server side by recreating your workflow with the server side actions.

@dbenade Conjurer just handles the PDF part, organizing the data depends on the Bubble-fu :yum:


If it helps you for future similar issues…I discovered what was causing it. I had some items in the db which had a description between [ ] and some of them only had [ with no closing. And this was interfering with the “parse BBcode” as you said. I replaced the [ ] with ( ) in my db and everything is back to normal.


Thanks for reporting this!

Hi Vinicius, a really great job with PDF Conjurer! I try to support you financially a bit as far as I can to show my gratefulness. Without PDF Conjurer bubble would lose some very important functionality and attractiveness! What do you think, will you be able to update the plugin before March 12?

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Thank you! And yeah I think I will, aiming for very soon now.