PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Thank you very much! :grinning:

It shows now that the plugin will be deprecated on March 12? Do you have any plans right now for the plugin? :slight_smile:

Hey man, come on, the answer is literally one message above :joy:

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The plugin PDF Conjurer / action Create text on a PDF Model threw the following error: RegExp@[native code]
prepareContent (please report this to the plugin author)

Getting this error message. Any help on this appreciated

This problem occurs on Safari only. There was no such problem till yesterday on Safari browser. and the problem started today;

Try updating the Safari version, this problem is on Apple’s end and they solved it last year.

Ok. Thanks.

While going through Pluggins I found that there is another pluggin called PDF Conjurer, whose creator is The Nibb Company. It looks same as your pluggin. What is this matter? Has someone copied your idea. Please check.

It is open source, so anyone can create clones of the plugin, but thanks for letting me know!
Just avoid using malicious versions, since that one is not the official.

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Fala @vini_brito, beleza?

Gostara de tirar uma dúvida contigo, estou quebrando a cabeça para fazer funcionar mas não tive sucesso.

A dúvida seria a seguinte… o arquivo pdf que estou gerando em meu app seria um contrato, então coloquei a imagem do logo no topo da página e inseri isso em uma header, ou seja, aquele logo irá aparecer em todas as páginas. Porém estou com um pequeno problema, na primeira página as margens ficam certinhas com o logo primeiro e depois o texto logo abaixo, a partir da segunda página essa margem se perde e o texto fica sem margem, fazendo com que fiquei o texto e o logo um em cima do outro. Já vi todas as configurações possíveis mas não vi nenhuma onde eu conseguisse definir uma margem a partir da segunda página para que isso não ocorra. Lembrando que não tenho nenhuma tabela no meu arquivo, apenas o logo na header e o texto do contrato. Vou deixar algumas imagens, veja se consegue me ajudar com isso por favor.


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I tried using it with the backend workflows and with just

Initialize PDF document > Define new style > Add text > PDF Confurer

I am getting error:
Workflow error - Plugin action PDF Conjurer (backend) | Conjure PDF error: TypeError: context.async is not a function at eval (eval at build_function (/var/task/util/util_harness.js:37:12), :69:51) at eval (eval at build_function (/var/task/util/util_harness.js:37:12), :263:8) at /var/task/plugin_api_v4_alpha.js:198:35 at harness (/var/task/harness.js:115:21) at /var/task/harness.js:154:70 at withGlobalHandlers (/var/task/harness.js:66:41) at Runtime.myHandler [as handler] (/var/task/harness.js:154:16) at Runtime.handleOnceNonStreaming (file:///var/runtime/index.mjs:1173:29)

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Ok. Since the pluggin is deprecated and the other one shows updated for bubble new version, even I thought that its your new release to overcome deprecation. Had I not asked, I would have shifted all my workflows as I am in proof of concept stage only.



meu amigo acredito que esta configuração deve ser feita logo no inicio.

ai vai jogando com os valores da margem do topo dependendo do tamanho da logo que foi adicionado a pagina.

Que ótima notícia! Fico feliz em saber que o PDF Conjurer estará de volta em breve, e mal posso esperar para ver as novidades! :blush::tada:

@vini_brito que Deus o abençoe muito.


Hello fellow Bubblers!

I am using the Conjure PDF plugin and it was working great, I got the formatting the way I wanted it after a couple of attempts, and when I went to re-run the process in my test environment, I got this error. I did email the plugin author, but I wanted to see if someone could help interpret what this error means, because I surely don’t understand what it means.



Thank you for this amazing plugin and all the work you have done so far.

I spent my entire day playing with it to finally almost having the result needed.

I have some questions :
Is it possible to assign a style to entire table column values displayed ?

Like in table 1st column, I can type a list of text/ title that I would like to format with style
And in second column I pull the data corresponding, and would like to apply another style.

ATM, if I use the body style of the table, but it apply to both column value.
If I try to use rich text editing directly on text in first column , bbcode appears on pdf.

I’m not sure you will get what I mean , maybe you are still open to receive more details in pm?

or any workaround solution.

Thank you.

Hello this plugin will be deprecated in a month. Do you have plans to update it so it won’t be deprecated?

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Hi, I tried to send an email to support@unlimitedbubbling.dev but it bounced back. My apps and business relied on your plugin. Is there other way I can contact you? I am happy to donate a small amount to support the maintenances


olá, gostaria de um suporte para que eu possa imprimir em tabela algumas informações que estão em Data Types diferentes. consigo mostrar tranquilamente em um repeating group, mas não consigo imprimi-lo. segue anexo de como puxo as informações no repeating group

Hello this plugin will be deprecated in a month. Do you have plans to update it so it won’t be deprecated?