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PDF Setup with SelectPDF API


I am really struggling with setting up a PDF using SelectPDF. I read what we have on the Forum but i am still lost. I have it set up to print out from a webpage that i set up. Most of the time it is “Good Enough” but has weird spacing. Is there a way to set up page breaks? How do i get a clean PDF without odd spacing at the top of each page? I can’t figure out how it works and what makes it space correctly.

Also, how do i open the PDF in a new tab? Right now it just opens it in the current tab making it awkward to “go back” to the previous page.

Any help please!? Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the wonderful world of SelectPDF!

Sorry to say, but it has taken me countless hours to get the prints just right and every time I thought I had the page sizes down, it proved different again for other print pages I have set up. I also compared my A4 page dimensions with others on the forum and they always differ so I’m afraid it’s a lot of trial and error. Luckily, the Bubble team added a couple of good options like ‘Keep images together’, but it is still frustrating. Just try to make everything as static as you can… (although all my print pages are fixed width AND responsive rendering enabled)

The spacing on top and bottom of the page you can control by setting the margin, that is actually very helpful.