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SelectPDF, multiple pages and footers

Hi there,

I’m using the SelectPDF plugin and whilst it does actually produce PDF pages, it’s really quite challenging to do some things that are pretty much taken for granted when working with PDF generators normally. In particular:

  1. Headers and Footers. It would be great to be able to specify headers and footers, and have them different for the first page and subsequent pages.
  2. Page numbering. It would be really nice to be able to put in placeholder text for page numbers and have them replaced. Also total page count. (“Page 3 of 10”).
  3. Control of page breaks. SelectPDF’s talks website talks about how to handle page splits with CSS:
  • Page Breaks
    But as Bubble uses “position:absolute” so much, it’s actually almost impossible to get the Webkit engine to respect this at all, and further to get Blink to respect it at many times.
  1. Repeating Table Headers. Would be great to be able to tell the plugin which element holds my table headers, and have it repeat them across pages. This might be challenging to implement as Bubble doesn’t actually use HTML tables, which I think SelectPDF relies upon.

I believe that many/all of these items are supported by SelectPDF, it’s just that the plugin doesn’t link them nicely to Bubble concepts yet, or expose them at all. Would be great if it did - I just spent 6 hours coding JS to get all the functions that I needed.