Select PDF Page Height

Can can’t seem to get a consistent page height with this Plugin. The page break seems to be inconsistent and I end up getting groups cut in half.

I have tried making the page a fixed width, making the groups a fixed with, and every combination thereof. Anyone have any advice?


Hi @freehold2018,
Please share your app editor, will check and fix the issue.

You’re not the only one.
There is a dearth of documentation.
The least it shoulf provide is a basic documentation to explain
Page breaks
A4 or landscape layouts etc…
I’m still evalauting SelectPDF but it’s a lottery using it… like many things in Bubble.

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and page height !
I plotted a vertical shape to see where the end of an A4 page is and it’s not consistent to where next element appears…
no concept of an ANCHOR in bubble or indeed this SelectPDF plugin

Need to meet you.
Already i have done most of search about selectpdf plugin. If i have large records from the page like 10000 rows. if i use selectpdf plugin, it wont convert the entire page.

So i have learned manything and used external plugins to nice execute the selectpdf plugin without any issue on width/height/missing content.

if you have any issue, Please share in the forumn, hopefully you will get better idea for your application.