Slow RG loading - with Groups

Hi everyone,

We have a complex RG using groups and ‘do a search’ for which is clearly slowing down the load speed (about 10-15 seconds).

Any tips on how to preload this or speed it up?




Hard to give good advice without knowing more details but some general tips are:

  • Don’t filter but use the search
  • Use pagination
  • Save (parts of) the data in a custom state on page load / when a certain button is clicked.

If you show us the details for the searches and filters it might be possible to give you more targeted advice.

Gerbert (MVP Design)

Hi @klobassimon,

I see few things there:

  1. Filtered & Sorted are client based operations - PC can be the bottleneck
  2. Merging two do a search fors is also heavy because whole RG waits for all of those things

I would split this into two separate Do a Search Fors and then merge them inside the main RG.

How to do it ?

  1. Create a hidden popup
  2. Add two separate RGs (for example RG Var - Groups & RG Var - Obligations) with those two searches and define there what you want to filter / sort etc but on the server side
  3. In the main RG on the page merge result of RG Var - Groups & RG Var - Oblugations
  4. Enjoy :wink:


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