Perhaps simple, but

I would need help solving a problem, if anyone knowledgeable is available :slight_smile: I have a customer registry where customers submit jobs, and then it is saved in the database. But when the customer has received the help they need, I would like to include a button in an email when they submit the job. So that the button in the email removes their job from the database? Is it possible?

Yeah absolutely.

So I don’t like to Delete things, so lets just make it not VISIBLE.

So the Jobs will default to have a new field VISIBLE = TRUE

If you want it to be a link where they can make their jobs hidden, we can do this.

You can send them a link like
Where the ID=[Job Unique ID]

On the page you choose, in the example above I chose “hidejob” you’ll need to create a workflow.

Workflow will be something like on page load Get data from URL ID
Then use that Job Unique ID to search for that specific Job and change VISIBLE = FALSE

Finally, make sure your searches on the site make sure VISIBLE = TRUE or have a privacy setting where they are not visible if VISIBLE = FALSE something like that.

Ok lets try this :slight_smile:

How to send the data Unique ID in the mail, so the page can find the right id?

Can not get it to work