Personal Plan User Capacity?

Hi everyone
I hope everyone is doing fine
Currently I am working on a personal project which is a ticketing platform . In this platform a user (attendee) can generate a ticket with QR code and on the event day the host can scan the QR code (from organizer portal) and accept money (offline ,no online payment integration ).
Currently I am making this project only for my college event and I am done with my test application which I think have all the functionalities I want .
As this is my first commercial projects I am having doubts about which bubble plan and canvass template plan I should buy so the app may able to handle around 12000-15000 users attending the event .
And can anyone also tell me which will be the best API integration for QR code generator and scanner
Please give some suggestions about plans and API


You might want to lookup threads similar to this one on the forum. Been seeing threads just like this when there are preexisting ones with good conversations.

My two cents and rule of thumb. I will always start with the Personal Plan because that’s the first paid tier and if I see a need to scale to a higher level plan, I’ll do exactly that. One of the beauties of Bubble is that you can scale easily.