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Personal plan and max number of user regarding performance


i’ve created an app to support some workshops. Most of the worflows are short (small number of actions, my max is 8) and (i think) efficient (as i have a strong developer background).
One of the most used type of actions (and that is not purely local to the browser) is DB Update in sequences. One of the “bubble” effect is that if several people are looking at the same page with the same data, everyone, with a relatively low latency, can see data update “live”. And that’s a feature i’m using a lot. At first, the app was made to manage at most 10 to 12 attendees and the app goes well.

But i’m going to face a new situation where i’m going to have to manage 1000 attendees for one of those workshops.

My question concerns the Personal plan and it’s capacity to “resist” to such a number of people at the same time. i’ve seen the “Capacity Boost”, but it lasts only 1 hour. and the workshop will be on a week (with so many attendees). Have you ever experienced such a “load” for an app on a personal plan ? what are my alternatives to be able to manage some many people at the same time ?

Thanks for any answer, advice, hint, …

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I have more than 800 users registered in my app. And the average is about 60-80 users using it simultaneously (during the day). I have heavy workflows, API, payments and etc…

Last month we reached 17k workflows (don’t know if it is too much comparing with another apps).

Looking to my CPU usage, it never goes above 1% :man_shrugging:. I seems like a flat line…

I think Bubble can manage 1000 users. Anyway, you can always upgrade your plan during this month :grin: if you think it will be safer…

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It would be nice to have this information about other apps as well….

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Thanks for your feedback about your own experience !
it seems that it shouldn’t be too small for my use…

And you’re true about upgrading for the month :slight_smile:

True. some kind of benchmark between few KPIs and plans …
@emmanuel i know that “capacity” can be confusing sometimes, but why not relate Plans capacities to some KPIs about # workflows / hour, # pages with an average of # elements per page, # DB access / hour, … ?