Phone stuck as text despite being "US Phone"

“Create new phone value, should be number but it is text”

The design input field is set to US Phone

The data base is set to phone

Email is having the same issue saying it should be

Have you taken a look at the bubble documentation and getting started learning materials? I see that you are new to the forum and your screenshots appears to show some pretty basic mistakes/misunderstandings. This is not a criticism and perhaps I am off base and if so I apologize.

Your Phone type, for example, in the database has only one field of its own type ‘Phone’ and nothing else There is no field of type text to store your phone number. You should store phone numbers or other text-like information that doesn’t need to be calculated or otherwise evaluated as a text not a number. A number would be used to store a value that you would want to calculate or otherwise compare to other numbers like a size or a price.

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