Phone verification with twilio

I am trying to link a phone number to the user and I want to verify their number. How do I create phone verification with Twilio? A demonstration would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

  1. You’d have to install a plugin or setup APIs to connect into Twilio.

  2. Build the user interface to allow a user to add their phone number. For this you’d use an input element to capture the phone number and a button to trigger a workflow to save that information.

  3. Create workflows to save the information as well as trigger the events to send the phone number provided an SMS message.

  4. Have an SMS message to include a link to click to confirm the phone number.

  5. When the URL is followed ensure there is information sent through the URL parameters or paths (up to you which one, either would work).

  6. On page load run workflows set with conditional to look toward the URL parameters or paths to ‘read’ the data (should be the user).

  7. That page should have a verification process by which the user enters a passcode you sent to them in the SMS…OR you could just make it automatic once the page is accessed with the URL parameters or paths…OR you could show a popup by which they sign in again and use the URL parameters or paths to register the fact that the user is verifying a phone number.

There are a lot of considerations for that final step based on the user experience you want.


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