Photo not centering on page preview

I have a photo that is 1024 wide at the top. All my elements are also 1024 wide and placed centered. When I preview, I do not see the text and the photo aligned and centered. There are several elements under the photo, they are all alighted and centered with each other but not with the photo. The photo is a align to parent group and always appears aligned right. Ideas?

Any screenshots?

Just added them.

The first thing I would recommend is to right click on the the elements/texts and click center horizontally. that should bring the text to the center of the page.

I did that. Also changed the picture. But here is something. I zoomed out and the text centrs to my screen but the picture stays on the right. What setting did I screw up?

Here is the page setup. Tried changing some of these.

The picture was align to parent, I removed that. And the problem went away. The picture under the align to group was set to align to left edge, which I could not see since it was set as Align to Group with an overlay text. So thats what was happening. Thank you.

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