Field won't align on preview page

I’m creating a mobile app and I have several basic elements on my first page. For some reason, one of the simple text elements is misaligned in my preview page and I cannot resolve this issue. I’ve checked all of the element settings and everything, except for the positioning on the page is exactly as the other elements.

Sometimes elements that should be in a group get mistakenly or accidentally placed outside the group…check the elements tree to ensure the text is in any group it should be for alignment purposes.

If it is not in a group, and you did so purposefully, you may find placing it in a group will help with alignment.

I often put a “container group” that expands the width of the page, and I place elements inside if it. I set the container group to be “not fixed width” and allow it expand and shrink with the page, and this has helped me understand and utilize responsive design better.

There are also options within the responsive design to set alignment, either left right or center…this often gets changed somehow compared to how we want it…my recommendation when wanting center align is to not place it using coordinates but rather the built in “align center” option on right click of element.

Have a play around with responsive design if you haven’t yet, and if not familiar with it yet, I highly recommend getting familiar as it helps to eliminate lost time on build as you can build responsively from the start, as opposed to after first build.

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