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Photo Uploader for native app


Does Photo Uploader work for native apps?

When I click on it all I get is a Cancel button which doesn’t disappear.

I had the same issue, and it will work as soon as you deploy it using the ipa file, Don’t worry about it.

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Thanks @Diego that’s good to know.

Do you know if that’s the same for a Search Address element. It doesn’t work in native app?

@Rogelio, for the search address element I don’t know, I suppose it’ll work as it’s a basic element. The only thing not working for the native app (as it is in beta) as far as I know is the Facebook login

interesting that it worked once you submitted the ipa file. The music player didnt work in the test app either. I wonder if this is also the case here. Im hoping so

After uploading a image on a native app, can a subsequent step be taken to create a new thing, with the image uploader’s value as the image?

Just want to double check, since this can’t be tested because the uploader doesn’t work in the previewer.

Yes, all you have to do is to send the image to another group to use it to create a new thing

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Just to clarify, why must you send it to another group? Why not just create a new thing when the submit button is pressed an use “photo uploader’s value”?

  1. The photo uploader in your native app functions properly for both Android and iOS devices?? (as in - functions the same as it would via a mobile browser)

  2. Also - I am seeing that the “photo uploader” option does not allow users to select from their phones gallery if they are using Chrome on mobile(android). They can only upload a photo that they immediately take with there camera - or upload an image from their documents. And unfortunately the “documents” are isolated from the phones default “gallery” app.
    Where as on Safari mobile browser - a user is able to select an image from their photo gallery.

-Have you encountered anything like this Diego - if so have you found any kind of work around?