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Refreshing an image

Assume that I have a page where I’m editing a thing that has a field called picture. Say that the thing that I’m editing contains the file imageA.png in the picture field.

I’m using picture uploader element, and when editing the record, it defaults to show the picture currently stored in the Thing (i.e. imageA.png).

I can load a new picture (imageB.png) using the uploader with no problems. Using a workflow attached to my Save button, I can make the appropriate changes to the thing and save the new picture in it. If I open the thing again, I see imageB.png.

I have two questions:

a) What happens to the picture previously in the picture field, imageA.png ? Assume both imageA and imageB are in S3.

b) If right after uploading ImageB but before saving it to the thing (clicking on the Save button) I wanted to revert back to what was stored in the thing (i.e. imageA.png), how do I do that? I put a little link called “restore” that triggers a workflow, but I cannot seem to make the image uploader repaint the old image. All I can do is abandon the changes and lose all the data I edited already.

Many thanks in advance for your ideas!


If a group is the container for the object, have you tried resetting the content of the group to clear out the newly uploaded image?

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Hi Scott,
The image loader was not part of a group but I made it part of a group and the workflow can now reset its values.
Thank you for your quick response!